Everyone Move Together

I was at the track the other morning, doing my mile repeats.  The local high school track is open for public use during weekdays from 6 – 8am.

There I was, running my tail off, and in strolled a group of eight guys, all of whom who are bus drivers, who have about thirty minutes between dropping of the kids that they’ve safely delivered to school and the track closing.  They began walking laps  and chatting, right alongside me.

Then, an elderly lady in a wheelchair being pushed by a younger man (son?  health care worker?) came in and they, too started their path around, in lane 8.

Finally, a couple of uber motivated students came out onto the field in the middle of the track, warming up in advance of their PE class.

I couldn’t help but smile.

All of us with only one thing in common: we all chose to move.  We all got out, up and at ’em and, separately but in unison, we all did our own thing, which was different, but the same.   Fit exercise in wherever and whenever you can, like the bus drivers, despite limitations, like the elderly woman or just for the pure sake of play, like the students.

Just move.

There was something really beautiful about it; I just had to share!