Striped Bass, ‘Bruschetta’ & Spinach

So simple, so summery!  Now that we're able to buy local, organic tomato here in So Cal, let's take advantage of them!  (Better yet- grow your own!)

-Brush bass fillet with olive oil and grind some fresh pepper on top.  Roast in the oven, or on the grill.

-Meanwhile, chop some fresh tomato, basil, a touch of red onion and toss with olive oil.

-Saute some garlic in your cast iron skillet with olive oil.  

-As soon as the fish is done, remove and let rest for literally two minutes while you throw the raw spinach into the pan with the garlic & oil.

-Plate by serving a piece of fillet on top of the spinach, with some tomato 'bruschetta' on top.

So tasty, and quite the lovely presentation, too!