Meatless Monday? No, Thanks.

Every Monday we feature a non-meat dish in participation with the Meatless Monday initiative. Going meatless, even for just one day, is a great way to save money, eat healthily, and help Mother Earth” was the opening line in one of the food/diet/nutrition newsletters I receive on any given day.

My first response to reading that, quite frankly, was ‘duh’.

I’ve had it up to the eyeballs with the generalized grouping of all meats, whether real and fresh grass-fed, or free range or wild, with processed by-products one might find at a chain fast food restaurants.

The latter is, as referenced above, certainly not good for the planet.  But then, neither is planting soy, corn and wheat in abundance all over the place and stuffing it into food-products (apparently, if you add the word “-product” to the word food or a type of food, such as cheese, for example, it connotes that there is actually a lower amount of the actual food in the product.  Think “Kraft Cheese Product”).

Yes, cut down and then omit completely any meat-products but there is no good reason to not eat good sources of protein every Monday, regardless of whether someone is trying to lose weight or improve their health in general.  In fact, not eating enough wild, clean protein and healthy fats in favor of eating refined carbohydrates is what is causing much of the illness and lack of health in the first place!

Shaking my head and rolling eyes…