“Relish” that relish!

No, I'm not talking about the green, pickley, high in corn-syrup you buy in a jar and put on a hot dog!  

By definition, relish is, "something savory or appetizing added to a meal".

When we engage in healthy cooking, often times we might be at a loss for ways to add flavor, without too much saturated fat, or cheese, cream amongst many other culprits.

Enter… RELISH!  How do you make it, though?  What should be in it?  Answer:  ANYTHING!  Get yourself a small Cuisnart or similar food processor and throw stuff in! : ) Combine toasted hazelnuts, lemon juice and a roasted red pepper.  Or how about olive oil, raw almonds and avocado?  Perhaps garlic, basil and sun dried tomato?  

Yes, there may be a high fat content, but remember that this is something intended to be used as a topping on a piece of grilled chicken or fish, for example.  In addition, these fat sources listed above are of the healthy variety, so it's quite different from topping your broccoli with cheese or something worse!

As always, go play and be creative!