Paleo On The Road- An Account From A Client

One of my clients, who is excelling in her new Paleo lifestyle, sent me an email to tell me about how her last vacation went, and how well she did eating Paleo, in all sorts of seemingly difficult places to procure suitable food.

I'm SO proud of her, and I thought her account would be valuable to my readers, so that you have more proof that it's not just me that can easily 'make it work' away from home!

It's my hope that her story will serve to motivate you, if you're not yet convinced or completely dedicated!

Here's what she had to say:

Just got back from vacation and I ate paleo all the way. I was flexible and creative and I did not have any problem sticking to paleo.

In Moab, we stayed at a hotel that had a small kitchen, but absolutely no utensils, dishes, pots, nothing! So, I bought a glass dish and microwaved salmon in it. (Okay, it wasn't as good as what I get at home, but it was fine.) Added the salmon to lots of salad veggies and I was a happy girl. At a grocery store in Silverton, I was able to purchase sashimi grade ahi and then added that to a packaged salad. Left the dressing off!

Restaurants can be interesting. In Moab, we found a Mexican grill that served an awesome salad topped with chicken or fish. I only had to ask for the dressing to be on the side. One night we went Italian. I perused the menu and saw a simple appetizer where shrimp was sauteed in olive oil. I asked for this appetizer and a green salad. The waiter must have asked me 2 or 3 times if this food was supposed to come out with Darryl's dinner!

In Silverton, the meals with Matt were wonderful and it was very nice to relax knowing that all the food presented would be excellent. On the last day, I learned that some restaurants can be unexpectedly flexible. We were running late to get to the airport and Darryl wanted breakfast out so we went into the only place open in town. No fruit in the place. They wouldn't poach an egg for me, and I just didn't want eggs fried in whatever fat on hand. So, I just smiled and said tea would be fine. But, the waiter actually persisted and asked if there was something he could get for me. I asked if they had any salad greens. Despite the fact that they didn't have lunch foods ready, they made a green salad for me. That guy got a good tip!

At the airport in Denver, we had a long layover, and the cupboard in my carry on was empty so we went into a restaurant. Looking at the menu, I figured I could make a paleo meal by combining their veggie salad with the fish from a caesar salad. So, I ordered both. The waitress actually questioned my choice and when I told her I just wanted grilled fish on top of the veggie salad, she was able to make that work. I was totally surprised that a busy airport chain outfit could be flexible for me!

But, restaurant food, and also nonorganic produce from big chain grocery stores, is so lackluster compared to what I buy and prepare at home. I just want to cook for everybody Nell!