I’ve bought some KALE, Nell, now what the hell do I do with it?

My clients and friends (and my husband) often tease me about my consumption of copious amounts of leaves, my favorite being black kale.

Here’s a way to prepare it, keeping it raw to retain all of its goodness! Keep in mind that it needs a few days to sit in the fridge, ‘marinating’, if you will!

Clean the leaves and take the ‘backbone’ (the center stalk is rather hard and has so much cellulose, making it hard to eat raw and to digest!). Rip the leafy bits and set aside.
Pour some organic cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil into a bowl (I use a 1:1 ratio) and add some raw chopped garlic and red onion. Put the kale in and stir it around a bit; cover and put it in the fridge. Stir it a few times today and then tomorrow. Right before you serve, add some chopped tomato (I am not a fan of refrigerated tomato!).