Pocket Fuel Naturals- Perfectly Paleo Fuel!

Recently, a friend of mine, who is an avid runner sent me a text. She was about to go out for a long marathon training run and wondered whether a product she found in REI would be suitable in terms of keeping Paleo during training. I’d never heard of Pocket Fuel Naturals, so I asked her to send me some more info…and boy, am I glad she did! Pocketfuelnaturals, per their site, are whole food fuel. They make two products: a nut butter blend and an energy shot. The nut butters, made of nuts, seeds and dried fruit are a great option for long endurance training sessions, while the energy shots are “a rich creamy blend of cold brewed organic fair trade coffee with a touch of organic coconut milk and either Chocolate or Vanilla to get you going and keep you focused. Slow brewed to reduce acidity, enhance taste while delivering a great source of antioxidants.” I tested both and was quite pleased; both from an fueling standpoint as well as knowing they’re far more natural than the gels I tend to rely on (the one not Paleo item I have in my diet for training purposes) when preparing for long events, such as ironman. With ingredients we can identify as real food, they make a much better choice than most sports nutrition products out there! Real food, like salted baked yams with coconut water and are ideal for longer, aerobic sessions, but for higher intensity, or ease of portability for racing, these are a great option for the long haul. Check them out!