Cooking Dinner- A Chore?

I've always loved cooking, so I supposed I'm fortunate that I don't see preparing a nightly meal for myself and my family as a chore.  Rather, I actually see it as one of my most favorite times of the day!   I'm done with work, I've finished my workouts, the errands are complete- big sigh of relief as that means its time to turn on the jazz and start my evening's meal.

Call me traditional if you will; I love to have a hot meal waiting for my husband when he walks in the door from a long day at the office!

Hearing a conversation between two gym members today, however, I realized I may be very much in the minority!   "Wait a minute", one said to another in disbelief, "You mean to tell me you cook a meal for your kids AND your husband EVERY day?".   The recipient then explained how she managed to yes, cook dinner every night and yes, plan the meals one week in advance.   Why is that so hard to believe?

Perhaps it's just a sign of the busy times we live in, and many of us choose, yet again, not to make healthy eating (read- if you make it at home, you know EXACTLY what you're getting, bottom line) a priority.  Of course, you can absolutely find healthy options at many meals, but the  unfortunate thing is that many cases in which families are eating out more than at home, healthy meals are not what's being chosen (or even offered if you're going to fast food all the time)!

Time management is where it all starts.  Granted, I realize I personally may be in a bit of a different situation as I've got a non-traditional job with a particularly alternative schedule. However, I've had clients of all walks of life who've managed to find time in their busy weeks to grocery shop, plan meals and have a nice family dinner nightly despite their busy days including a hard day at the office, or at home with three cranky children or traveling on another business trip.

Once again, CHOOSE to make having a nutritious eating plan an essential part of your lifestyle and you'll find a way to put it into practice!