Don’t Assume… ASK ASK ASK

Sweet Potato Fries… they're Paleo, aren't they?  No, not necessarily.

A local salad place I go to quite a bit offers them atop a few otherwise Paleo salads, but they're something to look out for, as they're actually dredged in good old white flour.  Aside from that, eating anything deep fried is not a healthy choice in the first place.  Incidentally, my recipe for Paleo BAKED Yam 'Fries' are just that- they're BAKED and the word 'fries' has quotes around it for a reason.


Another example of why it always pays to ask, not assume.  For everything.  Soy can be a hidden ingredient in marinades for beef as it functions to 'tenderize' it.  Flour can be hidden as a thickener and even tossed on top of what would've been a lovely veggie dish for 'crunchiness' with butter or oil.  

Regardless of where you are, it's never worth assuming that 'it'll be fine'.  If you don't ask, you're not only taking a risk of the mere fact that you could end up eating non Paleo foods, but worse, you may have to suffer the ramifications of doing so.

Wondering why you had a horrible stomachache after you dined out or why your joints were stiff, or why you felt puffy?  All possible consequences of eating some hidden fillers you hadn't intended to.

It's all about the delivery.  If you're pleasant about it, there's no reason why the server or restaurant manager or maitre'd wouldn't want to make sure their customer (you!) is a happy one!