Another Example of My Hour In The Kitchen



What's this?  Three dishes going at once… and that's just on the stove top.  For those of you who are regular readers, you'll recall  yesterday's post on salmon poaching technique (see dish at top R).   What I didn't mention was that the salmon dish was just one of three meals I was making at once.   In the middle, you'll see a 'Pot-Au-Feu'  (literally pot on fire, but basically a lean beef & veggie stew which slow cooked on two separate days) and in the front, a cast iron skillet full of sauteed chard and beet greens with garlic, oil and some homemade chicken broth.  Point being:  choose a time when you have an hour and get as much done as you can.  Make enough to last you and your fam for two – three days.  You'll be so prepared for meals at home, as well as on the go, that staying on track with your healthy #PaleoDiet will be a no-brainer!