Avocado is NOT Just for Salads

Think about the taste of an avocado, when eaten alone.  It's creamy and actually quite neutral, so it lends itself to being used NOT only in savory dishes, but those that have a sweeter taste, too, like in a smoothie or a Paleo dessert concoction you may come up with.

I easily swap out raw almond butter for coconut oil or avocado (or use a combination of all three!) when I'm making my signature homemade smoothie.

Try mashing it up with a banana and a soft boiled egg for a great pre-training snack, or whizzing it in the mini prep food processor with some raw walnuts, basil and garlic for a paleo-guacamole-pesto combination suitable for a dip for crudites or heated, as a sauce for spaghettie squash.

If you're only using part of the avocado, be sure to leave the pit in the part you're saving, and cover it tightly with plastic wrap pressed directly onto the cut flesh, to defer oxidation browing.