Stage IV Recovery Foods- and Grain…

If you've read The Paleo Diet for Athletes, you're familiar with the part in the post training section where various grains are listed as good  sources for high glycemic carbohydrate.  

Do you have to eat grains, then?

Absolutely not!

I've found that by drinking my homebrew immediately post long workouts, then following up with raisins (one of the most alkaline foods you can consume!) & yams (perfect time to consume this tasty, high-glycemic food) later on (as the recovery period is meant to equal the duration of the workout session), I've been able to recovery phenomenally and go into subsequent sessions strong and well-fueled.  

After following this principle for five years, through Ironman and ultra running, I am quite confident in suggesting to fellow athletes that no, you don't HAVE to eat grains in Stage IV recovery.

Whether one chooses to consume grains as a recovery food or not is obviously down to personal preference. Be sure you're familiar with all of the negative physiological consequences of ingesting grains, as well as how they affect you personally.

You can rest assured, however, that you needn't feel that you HAVE to eat grains!