Diet Soda Doesn’t Cut It

Thinking the occasional diet soda is a good, calorie-free option in your weight loss attempts?

An innocent way to get a bit of caffeine and a good option for a ‘refreshing’ (really?) drink?

Not so much.

Apart from the fact that if you were to drink said soda, and voluntarily opt to ingest aspartame (do you actually know what this is?), don’t kid yourself by thinking it’s all that innocent.

In particular, did you know that the sweet taste in your mouth you’ll experience from the Nutrasweet will actually still trigger insulin to be released from the pancreas?

The US National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health cite on their website: “When subjects drank 240 ml of diet soda, serum insulin levels tended to be elevated…”.

Bottom line takeaway: drinking diet soda still causes your body to ride the insulin roller coaster, without having ingested real sugar.   This means you’ll be sending a message to your body all day long that you need to keep on eating more refined carbohydrates, most of which will be stored as fat, and not use any fat that you already have stored in your body as the refined sugar your infusing into your blood will be a much more readily available fuel source for your brain to use.

Bad, bad idea.  Not just for anyone trying to shed pounds, but for anyone interested in mental focus, being productive or simply feeling well!

There is absolutely no good reason to drink diet soda, or consume anything with aspartame, Splenda or saccharin in it…ever.