Wellness ‘Shots’- Are They Worth It?

Ginger, Turmeric, Cayenne & Lemon, E3 and Garlic?  Certainly not a syrupy sweet smoothie, and that’s a good thing! But do they do anything, and are they worth the $4 price tag for a mere ounce or two? They very well may be. Being a fan and long time supporter of relying on food as our medicine, I do practice what I preach and on the rare occasion that I feel a scratchy throat coming on, or have an inkling of a runny nose, you can bet the farm I’ll be eating raw garlic, pounding the homemade chicken broth and swallowing at least an oyster or two (zinc!) to squash any hope that an annoying little cold or flu bug may have of moving in. However, whether or not you need the shots may be a different story.   If $4, or somewhere along those lines, feels like a lot, you can always make your own remedy at home. Buying a piece of raw ginger root, some raw turmeric and garlic, a lemon and some pepper is definitely not going to break the bank. Big picture- if it’s in the budget, it’s definitely something worth partaking in to hedge off the beginnings of what might otherwise turn into getting sick. Rest up early, add water and veggies, reduce all forms of sugar, even fruit, so as not to feed the invaders, and make your body as alkaline as possible via True Paleo Living and if it fits, add a ‘shot’ of wellness. Or just chomp some garlic.