Aw, Go On, Have Some! No One’s Looking…

This was the premise of an ad I glimpsed:  a young-ish couple, having recently put their kids to put, made sure no one was around to ‘catch them in the act’, and then out came the Lucky Charm’s Cereal and the hidden Nintendo Console for a ‘fun’ evening of playing Super Mario Brothers and eating sugar-cereal.

OK, I get the nostalgia about SMB; and will go so far as to admit that I, too, enjoyed playing it back in the day (when I was 13), but the cereal?

Come on.  Why is that even interesting?  And why must we perpetuate the idea that it’s just fine and dandy to have some, for old time’s sake.

Is it life or death? No, but for many, many people, just that little, first taste of the white stuff (sugar, not crack… or whatever), is enough put them over the edge, heading straight for a binge that lasts longer than just one meal.

The answers is relatively obvious; the cereal industry is a multi-million dollar one, and their job is to keep selling product. The easiest way to do so is to keep the idea alive that cereal is great, not only to start the day (as if), but for a meal substitute or even for a post-dinner treat, the latter of which, incidentally, is at least most inline with what it should really be classed as:  a dessert.

Cereal is not a lot of things. It’s not healthy, it’s not Paleo, it’s not a good way to start the day and it’s not really food.   Here’s what it is:  a refined, processed, sugar faux-food that is fantastic at spiking blood sugar levels, helping the body to store fat, cause skin break outs and rashes and help pave the way to leaky gut.

Still feel like sneaking some of that it?

Regardless of ‘not getting caught by the kids’, is there any real gain?

Pass the fresh berries, please…