Breadcrumbs for Birds? Really?

I just saw something very disturbing.  Very common, but unsettling nonetheless.

A man at the beach was throwing bits of bread from and empty bread bag to the seagull's by the water's edge.  Something we see all the time, right?  I recall doing it myself as a kid, while taking a stroll with my grandpa when he'd go out for his morning jaunt.

But stop and think.

Why would a bird need to ingest wheat gluten?

It's BAD for them!

And the thinking is off. It's no different from scraping left over bits of a non Paleo meal into the dog's bowl. Dogs don't need to be eating the pasta you didn't finish or the cake and ice cream that melted because you took too much.

No animals should be thought of as garbage disposals.

If you happen to be a bird lover and you've educated yourself on how to properly set up bird feeders (with FOOD that they'd actually eat in nature), please note that this post is not directed at you.

Rather, I'm throwing out a suggestion to keep your eyes open and don't shy away from questioning even those things that seem ever so innocent.

Even more importantly, perhaps… don't teach your kids these behaviors.  Instead of teaching them that a good use for old bread is to administer it to unknowing birds, why not teach tham about birds and simply observe them when you see them at your daily trip to the park?

We ALL benefit from eating REAL PALEO FOOD- whether we walk on two or four legs or fly!

No, No, No: