Craving ‘Carbs’? Bring in the Protein!

I must reiterate that the #PaleoDiet is NOT a 'low carb diet' per se; in other words, it's NOT Atkins!  Does it call for less carbs than the typical American diet?  YES!  More importantly, though, it calls for the focus to be on real, unprocessed carbs found in fruits and veg, and none from refined sources such as those found in grains, dairy and legumes.

Having said that, though, I do find that it's not at all uncommon for clients who are new to the diet that they initially may have a little trouble getting the hang of what to eat with what, how often, and so on.

In a nutshell, try and eat SOME protein, SOME fat and SOME carb in portions appropriate to you, your body weight, your activity level and timing with regard to exercise.  

If you find that you are feeling a blood sugar crash, and you're in the unusual situation that you either haven't brought your meals with you, or have simply gone too long without eating, DON"T give in and reach for sugar!   That includes reaching for sugary fruit by itself!

You don't want to make things worse by adding foods with a high glycemic index and start the insulin response which will ultimately cause your body to spare fat (and I know very few people who want to hold on to any excess fat!) and use carbohydrate, crash again, spike again and so on.

Nip it in the bud by giving yourself some protein which will stimulate the antagonist hormone, glucagon, which facilitates fat to be released from storage into the bloodstream for use as fuel, which equals steady, smart weight loss!

So, the next time your assistant asks if you want your usual 3PM milkshake (aka 'blended coffee drink with syrup and whipped cream') and bran muffin (aka 'cake with some whole wheat flour added in!)- opt, instead, for some sliced lean turkey and an apple!  Your blood sugar will thank you, as will your cognitive focus!