Tweeting With Whole Foods…

I will begin by saying that I love Whole Foods Market and spend quite a bit of cash there regularly, so please keep this in mind as you read the following ‘tweet/conversation’ that I had a few weeks back with someone tweeting on behalf of Whole Foods.

It all started with a post I did of a picture they had up on the wall in one of their Santa Monica shops, with a statement about ‘grains being valuable’, to which I commented that sometimes Whole Foods just gets it so wrong.

First, one of my twitter followers pointed out that grains are indeed valuable (as in, to the agricultural industry, of course they are), with which I concur.  Another follower added, “I once saw WF selling processed wheat protein. Is that a ‘Whole Food’?”

Then, the following tweet conversation ensued:

WF: Well, we have an enormous variety of shoppers that all have a large variety of dietary needs.

NS:  Grains have anti nutrients which lead to leaky gut…skip the grains& pseudo grains incl. amaranth & buckwheat. JUST EAT FOOD!

WF: While #paleo works for some it’s not the best diet for all, so we like to promote a variety of options.

NS: But no one ‘needs’ grains any more than they ‘need’ white sugar.

WF: Grains are hardly the same as highly processed sugar… and some people thrive on a plant-based diet that’s heavy on grains.

NS: No, they’re not the same but they’re equally as toxic.

And there it ended…

Whole Foods has a gluten free section for those who don’t want to ingest that toxin, as well as plenty of vegetarian option as well as vegan choices, which allows WF to reach many different demographics under the same roof.  

So let’s get moving on a Paleo Friendly stamp of approval!  

Whole Foods, hello?