A Canine Friendly Paleo Option- Hunt, Gather, Bark!

Being the dog-lover, and canine mom (can I still say that, even though both our kids, Graham and Daisy are no longer with us?) that I am often quite disheartened to learn what people are feeding their dogs.

Not that surprising when the humans aren’t eating well themselves, but very much so when someone has adopted the principles of the healthy regime for themselves and the other bipeds in their home, but not for the four-leggeds.

As such, I was quite happy to learn of a very viable option through one of the Paleo groups I belong to.

Hunt, Gather, Bark is “an online store dedicated to offering Paleo-friendly dog treats, food, and supplements to ensure and enhance your furry child’s health”.

Paleo Perfect!

They provide some information about their products:

  • crafted for canine nutritional needs
  • humanely raised & sustainably farmed ingredients
  • 100% grass-fed cattle, pasture raised on Midwest family farms without antibiotics, added hormones or grains…ever!
  • organic veggies & blueberries rich in fiber, minerals, enzymes & antioxidants
  • grain & gluten free
  • no artificial preservatives
  • made in small batches at our privately owned facility…Rawsomeness!

Definitely worth checking out. I know I’d be on their site in a heartbeat if Graham and Daisy were here with me now!

With the amount of poor quality pet food options, including those pricey ones you buy at the vet, which are still often loaded with fillers (remember, dogs are not meant to be eating grains, either!  Corn?  Wheat?  Rice?  If you’re giving this to your dog and wondering why he or she has  allergies, or a dull coat or is fat…think about it!)

Click here to learn more.