What can I drink besides water on The Paleo Diet?

While water should be your main source of fluid, if you fall into the category, as some of my own clients do, of feeling 'bored' of plain water, try the following alternatives:

– Brew decaf green tea and leave it in the fridge.  Have that in lieu of water, or dilute it with water and sip away at that.  Add some lemon or a small piece of fresh ginger for a twist.

-Play around with all sorts of herbal teas, some of which have added purported health benefits.   Raspberry tea is said to be indicated in supporting women's health.  Peppermint tea helps sooth an upset stomach.  Chamomile tea may help calm one down before bed, after a not-so-relaxing day.  Licorice tea feels nice on a scratchy throat.  


-An occasional black coffee is fine; but keep it short (and not so sweet!)- i.e. a black espresso or Americano- hold the milk and skip the sugar.  Don't try and fool yourself into thinking that whipped milkshake sold as 'blended coffees' pass the bar!


-Once in a while, a glass of red wine would not be problem.  Red wine does have it's own benefits as well- anti oxidants (namely Resveratrol) and it said to help in preventing certain cancers and heart disease.  Stick with a glass of vino rosso and skip the fluffy, sugary island drinks with a parasol on a toothpick!

Milk substitutes?

-Forget the soy milk, the rice milk and the many other seemingly acceptable milks that have rice or soy added in (READ the labels, always!), as well as those with cane sugar and soy lecithin.  Depending on what  you're using the 'milk' for, you may be able to use organic coconut milk (although beware, if you have an Auto Immune Disease, or canned coconut milk which may contain Guar Gum), perhaps in a smoothie, or natural, unsweetened almond milk as well.

Keep the fluid coming in- our bodies are said to be roughly three-quarters water, so stay on top of being hydrated.  It's one of the simplest things we can do to contribute to our own optimal health.