Paleo Halloween Choices for Kids

A reprise of a blog I’ve posted before; for no other reason than I still feel there are alternative ways to approach this kids’ holiday, rather than inundating them with copious amounts of sugar.

For adults who opt to celebrate, does candy really even need to factor into it at all?  Really?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest you give out boxes of raisins to the cute little trick-or-treaters that ring your bell tonight (although, I will admit that’s what my mom did and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that idea!:).

Pieces of fresh fruit also sound like a viable option but I’m aware that lots of parents are leery of anything not in a package (ironic, though, that they’re fine with their kids eating packaged junk, but I’m not even going there!).

So how about something that is not even meant to be eaten?

No reason to earn yourself the reputation of the ‘mean lady or man that doesn’t give out anything to the kids on Halloween’; how about giving out something creative in the sense that it’s something other than candy?

  • One woman I spoke with the other day mentioned that she’d bought a stack of $5 gift cards from Gap Kids to hand out.  Yes, more costly than a bag of m&m’s, but I thought it was a cool concept.
  • Another client, who is an elementary school teacher hands out small boxes of crayons.
  • Yet another client stated he gives quarters out!

Whether or not you think the three examples I listed are silly, you see my point; you don’t have to feel compelled to buy and distribute processed, refined, high-in-real-or-fake-sugar, artificially dyed and flavored, wax coated candy in order to participate in the neighborhood festivities.

Of course, you might end up opting to go ahead to go with the flow of buying the safe bet- candy- but at least you’re aware that there are other options!

Many clients report that they find their best balance to be keeping Paleo at home, while keeping in mind that when the kids are at school or at friends’ parties, they’re likely going to fill up with sugar.      If that is the rare occasion, you’re still going to be keeping your kids far healthier than the norm, so good on you!

 Happy Halloween!