Paleoista Holiday Tip # 23: Think Hearty, Not Starchy

On a chilly, winter night, an equally cool, crisp salad might not be the most appealing of choices for a meal.

Maybe for lunch on the go, sure, but the idea of something more warming appeals more after coming in from the cold.

But once you’ve nixed the white potato from the stew and the bed of rice from the stir fry, what’s are you left with for some Paleo goodness?


Placing the emphasis on the meat and veggies, along with plenty of fresh or dried herbs and spices allows the opportunity to create an endless variety of soups, stews and stir fries alike, leaving no one wanting for those missing fillers.

Add in something green and leafy and you’re all set with a beautifully Paleo meal, without all that extra starch you simply don’t need.  Of course, if you’re an endurance athlete  getting ready for an epic workout the next day, you’ll want to add in a side of baked yams, but even then, there’s no reason to feel compelled to add in those modern day ‘filler-uppers!

Click here for my recipe for one of my Paleoista Favorites- A Bison & Venison Chili, sans the beans