Hosting New Year’s Eve? Paleo App Party, Anyone?

In lieu of having guests come to your home for a cocktail party before heading out to the main event, why not focus on offering some fabulous Paleo Apps?

If you and your guests are heading elsewhere for a gala, no need to worry that they can be sure to get their fill of drinks there, and you can offer some tasty alternative in the interim which will accomplish several things:

-No one will leave your home after having had too much to drink

-Friends will end up eating and drinking less once at the party as they won't arrive starving

-It's yet another opportunity to share some Paleo ideas with friends who may be new to the old (paleolithic) scene!

Here are just some suggestions for amuse bouche ideas as well as 'plates to pick from':

-Slice fresh figs in half and layer with thin slices of roast turkey

-Serve small Bibb leaf lettuce as a wrap filled with diced chicken, olive oil, raisins & slivered almonds, dusted with nutmeg

-There's always the staple- fresh crudites (I always love blanched broccoli, sliced carrots, cucumbers & bell peppers) with homemade guacamole

-Toss sliced apples with lemon, then dust with cinnamon and serve with raw walnuts

Be creative- choose a theme, and ask guests to partake as well.

Less work for you, more time to enjoy your company and their Paleo offerings before heading off to your fete!