Osso Buco

Remember that Osso Buco I mentioned a couple of days ago?


I skipped the part where the recipe says to dredge the shanks in flour (and the outcome was no less grand)

1) Pat the shanks dry and sear 3' on each side in olive oil in a heavy dutch oven (have to give props, once again, to my beloved Le Crueset):


Take the shanks out, and set aside.  Add chopped onion, celery, garlic & carrots to the pan and saute.  Then, pour in some wine (the recipe called for white, but I opted for red), a few bay leaves and some homemade chicken stock.

Osso 3

Add the shanks back in, and some freshly chopped, roasted tomatoes, as well as a tablespoon each of fennel seeds and marjoram.


Cover and simmer for two hours… I actually opted to cook for one hour, cool, leave in the fridge overnight and then finish the next day. I always find that this sort of dish grows more devine with time (one day, or sometimes two…)

Serve with your choice of greens on the side, or mixed in!

Absolutely fab!

Osso final