Which Flour Is The Most Paleo?

Oh, dear.  How have we gotten to a place where we’re thinking that such a thing as Paleo Flour even exists?

It doesn’t.

Can we prepare a Paleo-derived ‘treat’ once in a while for a special occasion?  Of course!   Who wouldn’t enjoy a flour-less ‘cake’ on their anniversary made from raw cacao, coconut oil, banana, cinnamon and honey?  

The idea is to create something that doesn’t have the horrible consequences of eating dairy, gluten and white sugar and is closer to being Paleo as eating a piece of ‘regular’ cake or a serving of ice cream might.

If we follow the True Paleo approach to eating, which is anti inflammatory by nature, we’re eating veggies at every meal (and snack, which is the same thing) along with natural, wild proteins and healthy fats.   

Eating “Paleo” breads, muffins, bars and the like regularly is not that far removed from eating the traditional foods that fall into those categories.

Is coconut flour less inflammatory than gluten?  Is honey better than white sugar?  Is eating ten dates better than drinking a coca cola?

Yes, but we’re still missing the boat if this is something we’re eating these types of foods (which are still processed and refined and high in sugar , respectively) instead of eating copious veggies balanced out with wild fish and grass fed meats.

I’m afraid of where I see this going and it’s not good.

Gluten-free is now a common term, but far too many people have begun to think that gluten-free means ‘good for you in mass quantities’, which it certainly is not.   Does anyone really think it’s a good idea to eat a box of gluten-free cookies?

They’re still cookies!

I’m thrilled that more and more people are beginning to become aware of Paleo, but if it continues to be presented so inaccurately, not only does each person who tries an approach which is not really Paleo and, not surprisingly, doesn’t reap many benefits, compromise their own health, when they broadcast to others that ‘they tried Paleo and it didn’t work’, then others who would benefit greatly from the real Paleo methodology may opt not to try it in the first place.

I love the creativity I see when a client puts together a closer-to-Paleo version of a treat, or comments that they made one of mine, like my signature truffles, and they served it at a birthday party or as part of their holiday dinner.

We just need to remember to keep it all in context.

A cookie is still a cookie, cake is still cake…you get the idea.

If you’re ‘craving’ that something sweet, take a look back at what you ate earlier in the day and see if you can fairly say that all your meals were:

  • eaten with regular frequency
  • balanced in terms of macro nutrient ratios
  • portioned appropriately

because often, that ‘craving’ is really just a blood sugar crash resulting from not doing all of the above.