Yams In Kona? Not So Fast!

For those of you who are fellow Paleo endurance athletes, you already know it’s all about the yam when it comes to adding starch to fuel our bodies for race day or a big training session.

Today, I was asked for a recommendation as to where one can procure yams in Kona.

While I have seen yams from the mainland here, being that I’m such a fan of going with whatever is local, and hopefully organic, I’d suggest giving the Japanese Blue Sweet Potatoes a go.  (Japanese as in, that is where they originated, not where they are flown in from!).

Each year, I roast a large tray of them in coconut oil and local sea salt and add a little bit to each meal on Thursday and Friday before the big day on Saturday.

Delicious and easy, sweet and local, they’re a must-eat to prep your body for the long haul on race day!

If you’re here in town, you can get them at the Wednesday Farmer’s Market on Ali’i, as well as Island Natural Market in Kona.

Delish-even if you’re not Paleo…but let’s not go there just now!