Keeping Paleo Amongst Non Paleo Friends

It may sound funny, but it's a reality that lots of clients face- how to keep true to the #PaleoDiet when your friends, family or colleagues just don't get it!

For some, it brings back difficult old memories of being odd man out in high school and regretfully ending up doing something to appease peer pressure (in this case, maybe eating nachos or pizza!).

While it may feel uncomfortable at first, you'll get the hang of it and once your peers see your weight loss, your increased energy levels, your improving healthy and all over glow, they're start asking what you're doing!

-Don't feel the need to be preachy about Paleo- explain the why if your friends want to know, but also remember how personal and individual eating is, so judge how much info to give based on the initial response(s).

-Rather than focusing on all you cannot eat, focus on what you can; host a dinner party to show everyone the endless possibilities of delicious, Paleo food!

-Don't give in – pass on the group's chips with ranch dip and order yourself something you actually want to eat and offer to share.  You'l thank yourself later!

-Try to explain that you actually cannot eat the offending foods in question, that they make you ill, and if it applies, that you have an allergy or sensitivity to a certain food.

The longer you do it, the more people will get the idea that you're not budging and hopefully, they'll let it go.  

Gosh, aren't we all adults here?