Powders & Mixes & Bars, Oh My!

It dawned on me today, when I saw a fellow private fitness trainer (who happens to be overweight) at the gym today eating both an 'energy bar' along with a 'muscle-building recovery powder drink', how very, very important it is for those of us in the health, fitness and nutrition business to practice what we preach.  Look the part, act the part, BE the part.

I'm completely genuine with my clients as I explain how to implement The Paleo Diet, and am always happy to share my own trials and tribulations as to how I began eating this way and how fantastic it is, and that no, I don't actually miss milk in my espresso, brown rice with my veg or black beans with fajitas!

Look at it from a very simple perspective:  we have choices, all the time, as to what we put into our bodies.  Why on earth would one shovel down a packaged 'energy bar' filled with all sorts of who knows what when they could just as easily have an apple and some raw walnuts?   

Yes, it does require more forethought and preparation to eat fresh, healthy foods, but shouldn't you allocate just a little bit of time to determining what you're putting in your body?  

How can that not be a priority?

At times, I honestly feel as though we are living in a science fiction film, and people are unknowingly (or not!) poisoning themselves, little by little, with the constant exposure to toxins via processed foods, artificial sugars, dyes & colours, synthetic oils, dairy products, grains and legumes.

Being as passionate about educating people about how to properly eat as I am, this is one subject that I simply cannot let rest!

For all my readers, whether or not you're in a similar field to me, you'll still have others for whom you may be an example.  Kids, students, spouses, co-workers…. not only for yourself, but as part of the best interest of the planet- please only eat FOOD!  (Not pretend, former, used-to-be food!)…. again- EAT FOOD!