Certified Organic, or Just Organic?

Such a confusing topic; not too different from the labeling of grass fed meats!

I went to a farmer’s market I hadn’t been to before this morning, and had several quite valuable conversations with a few of the vendors, all of whom were selling produce.

If I’m in my usual stomping grounds, I know which vendor sells the most amazing gai-lan (Chinese Broccoli),  who has my favorite wild salmon and where to stop in for the most beautiful kale.

Today, however was a different story. 

Going round from table to table and chatting to the different farmers and getting their views on the importance of having the actual ‘certified organic’ tag line on their banner was very enlightening.

Some said that they hadn’t sprayed in years, but that their farms were so small and profits not enough to warrant paying for the label.

Others had the seal, but it was only recently that they’d been able to afford it.

I’d love to hear from any blog readers who are organic (certified or not) farmers themselves and get your two cents on the topic; it will prove