Halloween Candy? No Thanks…

I get this question all the time, since there are many families with kids in our neighborhood:
"What are you going to give the trick or treaters?"


No, I'm not kidding.  

While we don't have kids of our own, I recognize via my clients that raising kids Paleo does run the risk of making your young ones feel uncomfortable. (This, I AM familiar with; growing up with a Hippie Mom, I was sent to kindergarten with alfalfa sprouts on homemade brown bread….you get the idea!) 

We certainly don't live in a bubble, and what my clients with kids do is to keep them Paleo at home, and allow them to eat 'normal' foods when they're out at a birthday party or something of that sort (this is excluding kids who have Celiac disease, peanut allergies, Autism, ADHD or other maladies that are such that keeping Paleo is a MUST, or at least keeping gluten free!).

So, while all the other homes around us will likely be giving candy, we'll be the 'mean' couple distributing the apples…

I just can't swallow the idea of dispensing liquid sugar to the kids myself!!

On a related note, how does an adult keep away from the candy at the office or the Halloween Party?  Just DON'T eat it!  As always, keep on top of your healthy, #PaleoDiet eating, don't show up to the party starving and choose any splurge that you are going to have wisely.  Plan it.  Do you REALLY want to eat a junky piece of old candy that's been sitting around for ages?  How about an all-fruit sorbet instead?

At any rate….carve a pumpkin, make a pumpkin smoothie (click HERE for the link to a post I did with my recipe), start your holiday shopping… and stay clear of the candy!