An Easy Paleo Place to Dine…The Raw Bar

And I’m not just taking sashimi!   If you’re anywhere near a seafood establishment, don’t overlook the raw bar as a viable option for your meal.

From oysters on the half shell, to lemon ‘cooked’ shrimp ceviche to all sorts of varieties of salads and raw veg appetizers and soups, it’s an easy way to get a Paleo meal with little modification needed other than a simple request to put any sauce on the side (ever notice that it seems to be easier to ask for it on the side, rather than to ask for ‘no sauce’?  Go figure…)

If you’re new to Paleo and are still slightly uncomfortable with the idea of dining out, or eating anything other than something you’ve prepared yourself, this can be a great first step!

Yes, there is the concern that eating raw has a higher risk of bacterial or parasite contamination, so choose a place that has a good reputation, and be a little more cautious if you’re pregnant, elderly or have a compromised immune system.

Eating raw has a lot of benefits, too;  no chance of any nutrients having been cooked away results in a richer source of many vitamins and minerals.  

  • Oysters, for example, are the best food source of zinc. Far better than a lozenge, the next time you feel a scratchy throat coming on, down an oyster!
  • Shrimp is a very rich protein source; choose wild rather than farmed and enjoy this tasty option as a starter or a main.
  • Wild salmon sashimi has got to be my favorite; with its high Omega 3 fat content- it’ll satisfy your brain as well as your stomach

Raw bar, here I come!