"Hi Nell, I just received a ton of okra from a friend's garden, but don't know how to prepare it. I've never even eaten okra! Any suggestions? Thanks, Katie"

I'll have to admit that okra was initially not one of my favourite veggies.   The first time I tried to make it, I steamed it, and it was… well… a bit slimy!  Of course, when I did a google search, many of the recipes that came up were for fried versions of it, often with breading.  Not too paleo.

After a trip to my favorite local Indian restaurant, where I enjoyed their Bhindi, I completely changed my tune!

Try sauteing with chopped onion it in olive oil in a cast iron skillet with some fresh ginger, cumin, coriander & pepper.  Add some tomato if you like, and throw in some jumbo shrimp for some protein.

Alternatively, travel to another part of the globe and concoct your own version of Paleo Gumbo, which you can create so as to be in perfect keeping with #The Paleo Diet.   (Let me preempt any possible negative commentary about how a good gumbo must always start with a good roux.  Yes, I realize that this method would be the tradition, however, one of the purposes of this blog is to educate readers on how to creatively make recipes into those that are in keeping with Paleo.  Thus- no roux here! If need be, we can call it a soup in order to avoid offending anyone!)

Saute celery, onion & green bell peppers in a stock pot with olive oil.

Add some broth; you can use a homemade chicken or beef broth and add some cooked okra (cooked long enough so as to no longer be slimy- roughly 30 – 45 minutes), or saute the okra along with the other veg in the oil.  Typical seasonings to add might include  cayenne pepper and black pepper, dry mustard, paprika, sage, cumin, bay leaves, thyme, and parsley.

Add some jumbo shrimp shortly before you plan to serve so as not to overcook it.

Just two ideas out of many others that you might come up with- curious to hear what else comes to pass!