Nose to Tail in the Truest Sense

Are you drinking bone broth?

Chances are quite good that at the very least, you’ve heard of it, are drinking it (and perhaps maybe even making it yourself?).

And we all need it.  Anyone who’s been subject to the Standard American Diet for any length of time can likely rest assured that he or she has at least some level of inflammation going on so it truly does benefit all of us to drink this nourishing elixir as part of our regime.

Here in LA, we’re spoiled with places to get the real deal: bone broth made from the bones of mindfully sourced animals ranging from grass fed beef to pasture fed pork to game.

And if it’s not fresh, we have packaged options, such as Kettle + Fire as well as Epic.

But why not really go back to basics and make it yourself?

I save bones from all types of animals in a freezer tight bag and when I have enough to fill the Slow Cooker, it’s time to make broth.

I do a slow cook at a low temp for a really long time and what I throw into the mix ranges from nothing other than the requisite spoonful of vinegar to a plethora of herbs, leaves, spices and even some leftover veg.

The other day when the cooking process was complete and I was straining it out, it occurred to me that it still seemed wasteful to toss out the bones.

By that time, they were so soft I could break them with barely the touch of a spoon.

A lightbulb went off.

What if I put those in the vitamix with some olive oil and a hunk of farmer’s market goat cheese?

Oh. My. Goodness.

The resulting concoction was heavenly.

Somewhat akin to pate and delectable enough to literally eat with a spoon, I simply scooped it into a couple of mason jars, gave one to a friend as a gift and kept the second one for myself, my hubbie and yes, the two fur children.

As my grandmother always said, waste not, want not!

Click here for the recipe (if you want to call it that!)