Missing Sausage on The Paleo Diet?

Make your own!

Here's just one option of a home-version which is compatible with the traditional Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer:


While commercially available sausages don't have a part in The Paleo Diet, due to their high sodium and preservative content, as well as the fact that they often contain dairy (like that lamb-feta sausage you had at the local Greek restaurant), grains (a bit of breadcrumbs in your sausage & peppers from the Italian Deli) or other non Paleo food items, if you make your own sausage, you can put only real PALEO food in them!

In keeping with yesterday's post, you can mix different types of meat and poultry with your favorite fresh or dried herbs & spices, and come up with your own personal favorites to throw on the grill with some veggies, or serve with your favorite egg dish for breakfast.