Eating Paleo, Yet Still Sick?

Many things can factor into how quickly one sees changes after beginning to integrate the principles of Paleo living into their daily regime.  In addition, the main reason or set of reasons one may have will play a large role in the time it takes to feel and see a difference.  Finally, because there are more and more interesting versions and trends of Paleo popping up out of the woodwork, some of which, in actuality, are not really even Paleo, there’s a good chance of some less than ideal foods or meals finding their way onto your plate.

For all of us, there’s the brief transitional period during which our bodies readjust to not eating white sugar, grains, dairy and legumes.   It’s very short lived and the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is brilliant and welcoming!

Different illnesses take varying lengths of time to improve or go away completely.   Skin conditions can sometimes start to improve within a matter of days, as can symptoms of gluten intolerance and asthma, while those suffering from auto immune conditions may find it takes quite a bit longer to notice changes.   Weight loss can occur at a fast rate for those who have got more pounds to shed, while those who may be trying to lose those last five pounds may see a slower trend of weight loss.

Finally, the main piece I want to focus on much:  are you actually following the Paleo diet?  Or is it an iteration of what was once the Paleo diet but is now something several steps away?   If you’ve cut out all grains, all dairy, all legumes and refined sugar, and are eating a balance of fresh veggies along with lean protein and healthy fats in small meals, regularly throughout the day, you’re right on track.

Alternatively, if you’re ‘kind of Paleo’ and have improved your eating habits from what they used to be, but you’re still having a few pieces of bread each week and happen to be gluten sensitive, even that small amount of bread can keep you, and your gut, and your whole body, in an inflamed state.  Similarly, if you’re having just a little grass-fed dairy in some coffee and a little yogurt as a snack, that amount is enough to keep you congested, bloated and with a broken-out complexion.   If your daily regime is built with paleo-ized versions of pancakes,  crackers, bars (the one above is called Paleo yet contains the following ingredient label… and warning:

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Other Ingredients: Maltitol Syrup, Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Flavored Coating (Maltitol, Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Butter Oil, Lecithin [(soy) an emulsifier], Vanilla), Coconut, Erythritol, Glycerine, Gum Arabic, Coconut Oil, Tegricel™ (colostrum derived peptide), Natural Flavor, Kosher Gelatin, Salt.)  

and desserts, that’s missing the boat, too, as there would be far too little produce and far too much flours (yes, you can absolutely overdo the nut flours) and sugar (even if it’s coming from honey…it’s still sugar and it’s still something you’d want only on a rare occasion).

If you’re still overweight, still have acne, still have joint pain, still have allergies, still have bloating, are still irregular or have poor energy levels, as just a few examples, create a checklist and see if any of the above apply to you before you decide to sell is short and quit prematurely.

If you don’t already own a copy of The Paleo Diet, by Dr. Cordain, or even better, his latest book, The Paleo Answer, do yourself a huge favor and get it now.  It’s the most essential read in anyone’s Paleo library and will help to ensure you’re following what this lifestyle really is all about.