Young Chefs

It always bothers me a little when I see things like a children’s menu in a restaurant listing hot dogs, fries and spaghetti or a cartoon-covered box of mac and cheese at the grocery store geared towards the little ones.

As if to presume that they couldn’t possibly be interested in real food, the same food we might want, just in a smaller portion.

Enter the “Twin Chefs”, as they’re called.

I just learned about them after reading an article in a Sonoma County Magazine; not even ten years old, their motto is, as per their website,  “kid friendly food with grown-up style”.

They’ve been on national TV and have a goal of being the youngest students to enter culinary school.

While this may be an usual situation, the concept I love is clear:  don’t underestimate your kids’ palates and presume they want nothing that you might serve as your healthy, Paleo fare.  Further, having them be involved in kitchen prep and planning might make them even more keen to learn about which foods to choose and how each makes them feel, for better or worse.

Give them a chance to try and you may be pleasantly surprised!