Things Even A Paleo Hater Can Learn From The Regime

Mind Body Green, a website offering “Daily Wellness Inspiration Straight To Your Inbox”, according to their website, had a great piece about Paleo the other day, and, much to my surprise, it was actually accurate for a change!

Entitled “10 Things Everyone Can Learn From Paleo Even If You Hate It”, it recaps ten principles illustrating ten ideas the author learned from The Paleo Diet and continues to implement into her daily regime.

When Paleo is positioned in terms of ‘Eat Like Your Great, Great Grandparent, Cut The Sugar and Ditch Dairy and Wheat For 30 days’ it sounds a lot more like common sense and a quite doable approach versus the misconception that many have about what Paleo really is.

And I, for one, am all for it.

As I’ve said many a time, even if you’re partly Paleo, heading to totally Paleo, it’s still much better than following the Standard American Diet or not eating any veggies or making stops at fast food joints the norm.

Small steps in the right direction are progress, and progress is a good thing!