Out For A Coffee… Is It Paleo?

Going out for a coffee has become so popular that it may be of particular concern to those of us who follow the #Paleo Diet, that we might not be able to engage in this trendy past-time!

Not to worry, as there are many options for us- it's not just a frappe whippy drink or nothing!

 -I personally am a fan of a black doppio espresso – as long as I continue drinking as much water as I do, and keep my diet as alkaline as it is, I'm not overly concerned with a single cuppa java!  (A nice side benefit- caffeine is the only legal ergogenic aid- which is of particular interest to use endurance athletes!)

-Herbal tea- either hot or chilled, is always another easy choice.

-If you MUST put something in your hot beverage, try to choose a shoppe that offers almond milk- and even then ask to read the label as many almond milks are mixed with soy or rice.

-As far as food options- more and more shops are offering fresh fruit and sometimes raw nuts; even a package of roasted nuts is a far better option than a pastry or a sugar & whey loaded 'health' bar!

As always, keep open minded, be creative, and you'll be happy to know that you won't need to decline another offer to go for coffee!