Food Revolution Day is Coming

One needn’t necessarily be a fan of cooking shows or celebrity chefs to have heard of Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution.

I, for one, am a fan.  The idea of raising awareness of the appalling state of ‘food’ given out to kids across America at lunchtime when there in school is desperately needed.

Jamie Oliver and all of us who are interested in giving our time or contributions are helping their cause which is “to develop unique and hands-on food education training programs, for children and adults, to revolutionize the way we think about food, what we eat and instill cooking skills and food knowledge that can become commonplace in homes, schools, communities and businesses alike and passed on to the next generation.  Funds raised through the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation Giving Assistant go directly towards these training programs, helping to invest in better food education for everyone”.

A few important pointers from the Food Revolution site:

  • Many kids are so out of touch with what’s on their plate they don’t realize real food doesn’t come from a box.
  • Children who plant their own fruit and vegetables are more likely to eat them.
  • Both children and adults who learn to cook make better food choices and are empowered with confidence when it comes to food. 

Food Revolution Day this year is just around the corner, on May 17th.

What are you going to do, to do your part?

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