Livestrong, You’ve Got It Right!

When I saw the subject line of a recent article on Livestrong, I had to admit, I cringed.

“7 Healthy Paleo Dinner Recipes” sent me straight to all the pseudo Paleo ideas out there- things using grass-fed dairy, or gluten-free soy sauce or huge amounts of honey…but happily, none of these things applied!

Whoever contributed to this piece really did their homework as all seven recipes truly are Paleo.   And not just technically speaking, but honestly so.

From the mention of wild caught shrimp in the pad thai recipe to the use of cashews rather than peanuts to the mention that ‘if you are not strictly Paleo you may opt to add cheese to this recipe’ (thank you, since dairy is not Paleo!), it was clear that time and effort and researching accurate sources went into this article which I would definitely recommend checking out for yourself.

Click here to read it!

Well done, Livestrong!