An Interesting Twist on an eMarket

An online farmer’s market?

Well, not quite…

Harvest Your Health has launched a new eMarket that is really worth checking out.  Unlike the bundle sale you’ve become quite familiar with, this is simply an online place to check out some cool things, such as Paleo recipes, tips on fertility and pregnancy, fitness and working/blogging from home.

Here’s a little background on the concept:

“Our mission is to change lives by providing a unique, unbiased, unconventional approach to health, including:

  • Real food
  • Sustainability
  • Simple living
  • Intuitive and critical thinking
  • Belief in oneself
  • Passion for life
  • Giving back
  • Fun fitness
  • Play
  • Understanding of your unique self

With dozens of different diet trends, conflicting studies, and continually changing research, it’s easy to get buried in a sea of confusion surrounding what’s right for us as unique people.

We’ve touched over 11,000 customers with our Harvest Your Health Bundle sale and we’re inspired to touch thousands more.

Additionally, we hope you like free things…because we LOVE giveaways!

 Over the next few days, I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite products that stand out, but in the interim, click here to check it out!