More Indian- Paleo Style- Coconut Raita

Serving Raita along with some of this country's spicy offerings is simply part and parcel of this type of cuisine.  Just because it's typically made with yogurt, however, doesn't mean you need to forego it completely, however.. thanks to our friend,


  • Using fresh coconut milk (again- DON'T use canned as it has guar gum, which is VERY high in saponins and derived from a bean- so skip it!), pour into your blender or mini prep food processor.
  • Peel, then dice a medium sized cucumber, and puree.
  • Add some fresh dill while the blender is going, and a dash of cardamom, or your choice of spices.  Some recipes actually call for a dash of cayenne.

The result- a cooling, Paleo-friendly accompaniment  to your spicy proteins and veg!


Shown above with the lamb dish from yesterday's blog.

Got too much leftover?  Turn the remainder into a marinade for beef or chicken!