Rethinking Holiday Bake-A-Thons

Whether you've traditionally done an all day bake off in order to produce homemade goodies for friends, or as part of a fund-raiser of sorts (and I used to do a LOT of the former, during the holidays), now that you're following The Paleo Diet, you may be at a loss as to what to make and give in lieu of all the cookies, cakes and pies.

The answer is not, for one, gluten free baking.  Yes, gluten free can be less toxic than glutinous, wheat-based items, BUT gluten free does NOT mean grain free, dairy free or without refined sugar.

Step away from the idea of traditional holiday baking, for a moment, and entertain some other options.

-Homemade (no sugar added) poached apples, pears or plums,  properly sealed into decorative glass jars, tied with red velvet ribbon makes a lovely presentation.

-A gingerbread house that you make with your kids as a craft project to look at, rather to eat, can be a fun project for the whole family.

-A decadent treat to give is a homemade paleo truffle, made with raw cacao*,(be sure to use unprocessed, no sugar added- real or fake!)  coconut butter, coconut oil and a dusting of ground cinnamon, packaged into tiny truffle boxes that fit one or two, then tied in black satin.

-Finally, perhaps one of the most simple, but very appreciated git- the ubiquitous fresh fruit basket.  Make your own, or order from a reputable, organic source and opt for all fruit, rather than some fruit, scattered with cookies, cheeses & crackers!

Remember, you're not only generously giving a holiday gift to a friend, co-worker or loved one, you're helping introduce them to a healthier way of living & eating!