Pack It Up Paleo For The Plane

For those of you who've followed my blog for a while, you've seen my posts about how to keep Paleo while traveling.

I was thrilled to see the very same topic addressed (well, not the Paleo part, but the packing part!) in Sunday's NY Times.

While the examples they're giving aren't Paleo (some grain salads, pasta salads and sandwiches are a few of the ideas they list), the concept is the same.

Just as you'd pack up your thermal lunch tote before leaving for the office or school, with all your delish Paleo foods, there is no reason not to do the exact same thing for your flights.

Even in business or first, while you're more likely to get something closer to 'food', there is no guarantee that it's your filet is not going to come with a burre blanc or that the chicken breast won't have a flour-based jus on top.  

One more example of how easily prepping your Paleo foods in advance can keep you on track, and out of the restroom with an unpleasant, unexpected stomach ache!

Click HERE to read the full piece. 

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