Paleoista Holiday Tip # 14: Creating New Habits

As a child, like any other, on Christmas morning, there was nothing better for me than running downstairs to check the Christmas tree to see what Santa had given me.    

We’d tear open gifts and then have  leisurely breakfast that me dad would prepare which would feature his signature buckwheat pancakes with real maple syrup, which I loved.  

I did notice early on, however, that I always seemed to feel hungry and sleepy an hour later, even as  really young kid.  I now know why; obviously all that sugar and lack of protein and fat set me up for a blood sugar spike and then a crash, but back then, it was tradition.

If you have similar ones, why not use this year to start a new one?   Of course, some things shouldn’t change, and every kid should be able to open their presents first thing, but why not go on a family neighborhood walk right afterward, before all the guests arrive later in the day for the celebratory meal?  Or perhaps everyone can pile in the car along with the dog and everyone can head out to the mountains for a hike?

Whatever fits for you, based on the ages of the kids, logistics of where you live and so on, you can incorporate Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Hanukkah (or whatever holiday you celebrate) activities into the mix and create a new, healthy tradition everyone can partake in.

If you start the day out on that note, you’re also more likely to choose healthy foods during the feast you attend later in the day as positive momentum builds upon itself!