Paleoista & Orange Theory Free Lecture, Free Class

Imagine an exercise class that would allow you, in one hour, to sweat, strengthen and hit every muscle group in a group setting open to all levels of fitness. Wait- how can that be possible?  Wouldn’t some members be working their buns off while others would feel it was too mellow? Not exactly, thanks to the use of heart rate monitors and TV screens allowing you to track your effort and intensity based on a color coding theme. Orange Theory Fitness has a model in which half the class works up a sweat doing intervals on the tread and the other focuses on strength. I had the opportunity to take a class and it was a great workout…fun, something different than my typical triathlon training regime and a good way to get it all done in a short time window. This, and the fact that there’s an OTF studio steps away from my studio made for the perfect rationale to give a talk tonight in their venue to introduce my new Paleoista Lifestyle Studio. If you’re in the area, come by, have a listen and take a free class! RSVP to (310) 694-5656.  See you tonight at 5:30!