Another Oprah Approved ‘GURU’ (?) and WHEN Will We Stop Being Sheep?

Oh, what the hell, I've been on a soapbox about Dr. Oz, and then wrote a post about Bob Greene… why not continue along with another Oprah-endorsed expert?

We all know Dr. Phil… the 'tell it like it is' self-help guru who, like many others, found his fame after being a regular on the Oprah show.

I'm not, for a second, making any statements about his ability to help people with a variety of psychological issues, as he seems quite effective in that regard.


What is this?

THIS is a link to his " Ultimate Weight Loss Solution".  

Recognize these logos?


All from products recommended as 'food' (?) to eat in order to support healhty weight loss.

WHY do we follow the advise of ANYONE just based on the fact that they were on Oprah?   Like a herd of sheep, I tell you!

(Second caveat- this post is not meant to knock Oprah as she has truly made huge positive contributions to many, many people.) 

I want to know when we are going to have people who can educate the masses on how to REALLY eat properly (*HELLO PALEO!!!) holding center stage!

I want to do it.  

Why not?  This is my mission:  I want to change the way America eats.  I don't want to sell junk to anyone, nor pills nor powders nor lies about a quick-fix for weight loss.  Actually, I don't want to sell anything.  I simply want to make an impact on a huge scale.

I just need the opportunity!