Paleo Restaurant in Berlin- LOVE IT!!!

Berlin's SAUVAGE Restaurant is the first ALL PALEO restaurant that I've heard of, personally…. what a concept!

A restaurant that serves… FOOD!


Where patrons can dine without a care that their grass fed beef has been tainted with soy, or that the jus atop that same lovely filet has been thickened with flour!

Speaking on behalf of Sauvage, Boris Leite-Poço stated, "Many people think the Paleolithic diet is just some hipster trend, but it's a worldwide phenomenon, with an online community that spans the globe. The trend is probably strongest in the United States, where people who have had enough of the fast food way of life and generations of illness have taken it up."

Further down, the article refers to a poll taken by US News and World Report which showed that "3,292 people said that the diet had worked for them, compared with just 85 who said that it didn't".

This concept has long been on my mind…I can see this working quite well here in Los Angeles, New York…watch this space!