Recover With High Protein Pasta?

This, unfortunately, was the title of an article on recently.

While some of the facts stated early on in the piece, such as the good old stand-by of “carbohydrates are the preferred energy source in the body” and “athletes training competitively on successive days need to consume a diet of 60 – 70 % carbohydrate”.

While neither statement is necessarily wrong, they’re also not necessarily blanket pearls of wisdom that everyone should implement.

What if you’re an athlete who has been practicing fasted training?   How much training indicates a diet that high in carbohydrate?  And why, above all else, would you opt to inflict gluten on your body after it’s just performed for you?

Yes, recovery is a crucial part of performance gains and being a better overall athlete.

But let’s keep it to paleo options, like yam, ripe banana and some easily digestible protein like cage free eggs.  Why not thank your body instead of insult it?