Storing a Cut Tomato

If you’ve been partaking of the summer’s lovely Heirloom tomatoes, you may have come across this issue: what to do if one of this giant beauties proves to be too much for one meal?

Tomatoes in the fridge are always an absolute no-go; storing them there yields a mushy, unfavorable fruit, so when they’re whole, they need to be stored on the counter top.

While cutting a fruit or veg and leaving it out of the fridge may sound like an odd thing to do, in this case, it’s the better option.  Try to use up the rest of the tomato later that same day, as you still wouldn’t want to leave it out too long.

Simply halve it, place it cut side down on a small saucer and enjoy it later with your next meal.

Unless you’re following Paleo Autoimmune, in which case you’re avoiding all the nightshades, tomatoes are a delicious part of Paleo!